What are email reminder options?

There are 8 options:

  1. Only if nobody responds: You can check this option if you like your reminder to be trigger only if nobody has responded to the conversation. This feature is useful if you want a particular email to be brought to your attention if you don’t get a response within a specific time. Otherwise you won’t be notified.
  2. Return to inbox: If you have archived the email, this option would bring the conversation to the inbox when the reminder is due. This would help to keep your inbox clean; you would not be displaying emails until when necessary.
  3. Put it on top of the inbox: When a reminder is triggered, you may want the message to appear on the top of your inbox for immediate visibility. In that case, another email is appended to the conversation so it can be placed on top of your inbox.
  4. Star it: When reminded, your email will be starred if this option was selected.
  5. Mark as unread: Simple as adding a star. The conversation will be marked as unread if the option was selected.
  6. Label as ‘Reminder’: ‘Reminder’ label will be attached to the conversation. If there is no label called ‘Reminder’, it will be created first.
  7. Label as ‘To Be Reminded’: If you would like to keep track of reminders that you have set, you can have this option checked so that later you can inspect which conversations are set to be reminded.
  8. Archive this conversation until reminded: The conversation will be archived when you set the reminder, it will be removed from your inbox.

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