What are some examples for custom date and times?

Here is a list of valid examples for custom date and times that you can use with Right Inbox when scheduling emails or adding reminders. They can be used with both `At a specific time` and `Customize this menu` options.

tomorrow morning in Paris
Wed @2PM
Friday afternoon
in 2 days at 10
two hours later
Tokyo 8AM
2h 30m
in 3 hours
in the evening
Aug 22nd late morning
15 Oct 2014 10:00
next week
after 30 mins
a month later
Sunday 10pm New York
Thu at noon
06/21/2014 9.00 AM
3 days later at 8.30am
in 2 weeks
Dec 29th 11pm
in the morning
1PM in Boston
Fri at 9AM
in 2 days at 8am
11.00 on Apr 21
today 6:00 PM in London
monday in the afternoon
90 mins later
next weekday at 9am
at midnight
early morning in Sydney
in 2 weekdays
next Wed 10:00
this afternoon

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