How to get started with Mail Merge

To set up a campaign using Right Inbox's Mail Merge, you will first need to ensure the feature has been enabled in your Right Inbox settings. Click the Right Inbox icon at the top right of your Gmail page and select 'Configure Right Inbox'. You will then be shown the settings menu where you can enable Mail Merge as shown below.

Click 'Save' and you will then see your Gmail page refresh and the Mail Merge option appear at the top left corner of the page.

Click the Mail Merge button and you will be taken to an overview page which will include all active campaigns. Click 'Create Campaign' to navigate to step 1 of the setup process. This step will allow you to add all of your recipients' names and emails manually or via CSV file. 

If you choose the upload option, you will see the columns in your file automatically populated in the contact list. If you are adding manually, you will be able to add additional columns (shown below) which can be included as merge variables in the next step.

In step two, you will add the content of each email in the sequence and insert the merge field(s) you wish to use. You can also specify if and when each email should send in the sequence. Add additional emails by clicking '+Add Follow Up'. Once you are satisfied with your email sequence, select 'Next: Preview' to move to step 3. 

In the Preview step you will see each message with the merge fields populated as specified. You can also make any personalization and/or scheduling adjustments to each email if necessary. Once everything is set as desired, select 'Next: Confirm & Launch' to move to the final step.

Before launching your campaign, you will have the option to select the date, time, and time zone at which you would like the sequence to begin sending. You can also enable Link Tracking and/or Open Tracking to receive further engagement data in your Gmail 'Sent' folder for each email. Specify how many emails you would like to send per day and ensure the Gmail daily send limit disclaimer has been selected. You are then ready to select start Mail Merge and launch your campaign.

Back on the overview page, you will see your campaigns listed along with engagement metrics for each campaign as the email sequence is sent.

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