Pause Inbox - Overview

Right Inbox's 'Pause Inbox' feature will allow you to have precise control over when emails hit your inbox, according to your workflow. Using this features discrete filters, you can schedule when you receive messages through the day, for a specified duration or at certain hours.

First, you will be able to enable/disable the feature in your Right Inbox settings. Click the Right Inbox icon near the top right of your Gmail page, select 'Configure Right Inbox', and ensure that the feature has been enabled.

To begin the setup process, click the Pause Inbox button near the top of your Gmail page.

You will then be presented with several options to customize Pause Inbox to meet your needs, the first being an option to include an automated response (OOO email) while Pause Inbox is active.

You will also have the option to allow emails to be delivered while your inbox is paused, based on criteria of your choosing. This can be messages that include particular email addresses, domains, or words.

If you'd like, you can also allow emails to be delivered during specified hours while Pause Inbox is active. This can be one blocked window of time, or several throughout the day.

Once you are satisfied with the above settings, you can set the feature to deactivate automatically after a specified duration, or opt to unpause your inbox manually when you are ready.

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